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USB ( Universal Serial Bus )

What is USB (Universal Serial Bus)?

We all know about USB. We used USB Cable daily as a charger for our SmartPhones. But in actual What is the USB (Universal Serial Bus)?

USB is a medium to connect peripheral devices. It has become a lot from its early form and has become quite versatile. Also all Computer now a days include a USB port in their MotherBoard. This means that all Computers can communicate with other Computers using the USB Port. As long as the Computer know where to plug in the device, it will able to communicate the Device

USB is a Hot-Swappable technology. Which means we can connect or also remove the USB device without restarting to the Computer. USB port used to connect the Hardwares devices. (Such as Keyboard, Mouse, Game Controller, External Hard-Drive, JoyStick, Printers, Camera, Scanner and Removable Media Drive also) to the Computer. Usually it used as a connector to connect external devices to the Computer.

Types of USB(Universal Serial Bus) Connector

USB connector come in different shapes and sizes: Mentioned Below.

Mini USB: Mini USB usually works in a single route, each for sending and receiving of storage information or as a Charger Connector. Mini USB also known as Mini-B.Mini USB’s cycle of life is 5000 connects or disconnects. That means After Injection or Ejections for 5000 times, it is going to seemingly be ineffective.

Micro USB: It announced in year 2007. It was designed to replace Mini-USB. The very small port found on Cell Phones and other portable devices is a Micro-B socket. The Micro-B Socket is the half of the thickness of the Mini-B socket found on Digital Camera.

USB Type-C: USB Type-C or USB-C commonly used or shortened reference to the USB Type-C specification. Which defines a small reversible-plug connector to USB devices.

Advantages of USB

  • The USB is easy to use.
  • It has robust connector system.
  • USB has low cost.
  • It has a variety of connector types and sizes available.
  • It has true plug and play nature.
  • USB has Low Power Consumption.
  • Fits almost all the Devices that has USB Port.

Disadvantages of USB

  • It has limited capacity and overall performance.
  • USB does not provide the broadcasting feature. Only individual messages can be communicate between host and peripheral.
  • Data transfer is not fast.

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