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Exploring the Interface Of Photoshop CS5

The Photoshop CS5 Application interface is where you open or import digital images into the Document Window. And then edit the images using combinations of tools, menu commands and panel options. The new interface has been improved from the last version with the CS live feature. Which is complementary online service provided by Adobe. The tools in the Tools Panel and Application Bar has redesigned and included in the version. The new interface has retained the Application bar, the interface also Includes Tools Panel, Document Window and several Panels such as LAYERS Panel and COLOR Panel. Which collapse or expand as per your requirements. These Panels also collapse into icons.

The Application Bar

The Application Bar is double row, positioned at the top of the Photoshop CS5 Window. Application Bar displays tools to execute basic commands. Such as Launching Adobe Bridge Application, Button to arrange the documents, Button to Zoom in and out and Button to select different screen nodes. The Application bar also includes the Menu that contain commands and functions and the new CS Live drop-down list.

Each menu contains a list of related commands and perform a specific task. For instances, all file related commands include in the File menu. Besides these Menus, other Application controls also include in the Application Bar. Such as Launch Bridge, View Extras, and so on. The Application Bar also includes Workspace Layout Buttons. Such as and ESSENTIALS,DESIGN, PAINTING, PHOTOGRAPHY, 3D, and MOTION. This allows you to switch between Workspace Layouts. These are pre-defined layouts included in the Photoshop CS5. The default selected layout is ESSENTIALS. You can click the double arrow besides painting to access more pre-defined workspace Layouts. In case you are using wider screen-monitor, the Application Bar expands into a single row.

The Options bar

The Options Baror the Control Panel is located below the Menu bar in the Photoshop CS5 window. Options Bar displays options that help you customize the selected tool in the Tools Panel.For instances, if the Move Tool is selected in the Tools Panel, the options specific to the Move tool appears in the Option bar. The Option bar is separated into different groups by vertical lines. Such as; Tool Preset Picker, Align, and Distribute groups. In our case, the Move Tool is selected and specific option such as; Auto-select and Show Transform Controls check boxes, Align and Distributed options are displayed in the options Bar.

The Document Window

The Document Window displays the images you open in Photoshop. Document Window has a Title Bar, a Status Bar and the Image Area where all the actions are performed to edit the image.

The Title Bar contains the tabs for the images. That are open and displays the name and format of the Image, Zoom level (magnification), Color Mode and the Bit depth of the Image. You can switch between images by clicking their respective tabs. Due to this property, the Document window is also referred as the Tabbed Document window in Photoshop CS5.

The Status Bar is positioned at the bottom of the Document window and displays useful information about the Image document.