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Hardware Requirements in DTP

Some hardware requirements of DTP

1. Hindi Keyboard

Keyboard is a very common hardware input device but a convenient, famous and an important device. It has different buttons and keys, by pressing them we can type the data and command the device. Similarly as we type something on the Typewriter. Generally what we type, it shows on our Computer Monitor.

There are so many different types of keyboard, but in DTP the keyboard with 104 keys are used. In the DTP we need hindi alphabets too with the english alphabets. That doesn’t mean you need another keyboard for the Hindi typing. In real the keyboard is same for all the language. Its fonts change by the change in the language preference.
For Example: When you type using any hindi font, i.e Chankaya or Arjuna, then if you type “J” it reflects “र”. Same with the other buttons also.

Remington Hindi Typing Keyboard

Unfortunately, the hardware device keyboard used by all Hindi fonts is not the same. Most of the font works as Remington Hindi Typing Keyboard (shown in figure below). The person who know hindi typing well, can use these fonts and do DTP works more conveniently.

Remington Hindi Typing Keyboard

C-Dac Hindi Typing Keyboard

And many people uses the C-Dac Hindi Typing Keyboard (shown in the figure below). It is also called GIST keyboard. In this keyboard all the ‘matrayein’ ‘swar’ and ‘vyanjans’ are placed differently. It does not mind the frequency of the words. Typing the text with the help of this keyboard is just a time waste.

C-dac Hindi Typing Keyboard

Other than these keyboards Phonetic Keyboards are also used for Hindi Typing. In this keyboard we type hindi words in the Roman Language.
For Example If we want to type “राम” with the help of this keyboard. Then we have to type “rAm”. And the words should be like this. No change in the capital and small letters. Therefore it is little inconvenient for typing. In this keyboard the chances of mistakes are high, because we have to use the shift key very carefully. In this keyboard typing is quite complex than the other two keyboards.

You can use any keyboard for the hindi typing which you feel convenient. If you feel difficult in remembering the keyboard, than you can paste the stickers on the keyboard. This helps you to remember the keys in the keyboard.

2. Laser Printers

The hardware device that created the revolution in the field of Computer is Laser Printer. It can paste the texts or pictures on the sheet of paper with the very good quality and resolution. That printed paper is used as the master piece in the Offset Printing.

Printing process with the help of Laser Printer done through the help of the small dots. But the dots are too small in this printer. The density of the dots are very high. Now a days a normal Laser Printer can Print more than more than 600 points per inches. The good Laser Printers have density to print 1200 dots per inches. With the help of a laser printer we can print 10-20 pages per minute.

Laser Printer can print without any damage. They do not produce any sound. They work as a normal Photocopy Machines. Therefore they are using a lot of electricity and produces heat. Therefore it is okay to switch it on all the time. They should be on only at the time of printing.

3. Inkjet Printers

Inkjet Printers are the Hardware Device that are necessary for the. They are also called Bubble Jet Printers. These printers work on the principle of the Dot-Matrix printer. The difference is in the place of pin there are some showers inserted. With the help of these showers ink sprinkle on the paper and it makes dots. In this way the with the help of those dots the words printed on the sheets of paper. It does not need any carbon or ribbon. With the help of different colors, we can also do the color printing.

Different Printers have different methods of throwing ink. But the quality of printing is almost same. They print the text at a very high quality. But the Printing of picture quality is not very good. Their price is less in respect of the Laser Printers and the printing cost is high. When to print beautiful letters and colorful pictures in less amount, the Inkjet Printers are the best.

4. Scanner

Scanner is a Hardware Device that converts the information or pictures made on a paper or any such flat surface to the digital data and sends to the Computer. We can do different type of works on this data.
There are four types of scanners available: Hand-held Scanner, Flatbed Scanner, 3-Dimensional Scanner, and Film Scanner. The Capability of a Scanner is measured into Dots per Inches. A scanner of a good range can convert 600 Dots per Inches colorful pictures to the digital data. While doing the work of DTP it is necessary to have a good quality printer.