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Software Requirements in DTP

We know that, some programs are written and run on the computer’s hardware to make Computer Hardware work are called software. Without Software Hardware is nothing. It is like television but without electricity connection or dial tone without telephone. For the DTP there is not only a need of good quality personal Computer and its devices, but also a good quality Software Package is required.

Basically to create a data, to make beautiful pictures, to process the pictures or photograph & effects to them, and finally to combine them to make a final document. Now a days in every DTP software have some of these capacity. So that you can prepare a satisfactory publication to a limit. But for the higher level publication, it is important to use a software which was specially make to do that work. Therefore we use different softwares in the DTP for text, pictures, clip-arts. And export the documents to the DTP Software to make the Final Document.

Word Processors

Word Processors are used by the writers, reporters, and professionals. With the help of these processors we can format the text according to our need. But with the graphics we can do the limited work.

Basically the Word Processors are used for the following work:
– To Create texts and to edit them.
– To enter the data and process it.
– Manage the flow between line to line, one paragraph to second paragraph, one column to second column and one page to second page.
– To make possible the work related to Computer, such as: finding the text, replacing it, checking the Spelling and Grammar, outline, making index, Mail merge etc.
-To import and export of data in different types of Softwares such as: Word processors, spreadsheet package, presentation packages, E-mails etc.

Drawing Program

These programs are mostly used by the Drawing Artists. With their help we can make regular or irregular colorful Geometric Figures and many more sketches.These programs are mostly used in the following work:
-Make Complex pictures and edit them.
-To import and export the pictures in different file formats.
-To create coordination between the paint and the programs who helps to create pictures and phoots.
-Save the text in the form of the picture and store them.
-To generate special effect in the pictures and edit them with the help of the colors.

A large number of programs and packages performing these tasks are in trend. But the most preferred programs are Photoshop and Coreldraw. Normal work can also be done with the help of the Paint Program. If you want you can use the facility of the drawings present in the powerpoint program. Pictures prepared in the Powerpoint can be transferred to the DTP Program.

DTP Packages

These packages are used to prepare the pages of the publication. The main functions of the DTP Softwares are the following:
-To export the documents made by the external Word Processors, so that it come in their use.
-To make a template of the text and pictures on the screen and then format them.
-Set the texts and pictures in their correct places.
-To control the size, style & font of the Document.
-Systematised the the long documents (such as: books, directories, dictionaries, reports etc.) and to prepare different informations (such as: table of contents, index set.) for them.
-To keep the uniformity in the format, styles and font in the documents.


The President of the Aldus company Paul Brainerd first used the word Desktop Publishing. He introduced PageMaker in 1985 first time for the Macintosh. The edition of PageMaker for Personal Computers released in 1987. Since then the PageMaker has become the leader of the Desktop Publishing. At present it is the most used DTP Software. At present there are many editions of DTP Softwares in the market. Pagemaker 5 is on demand for a long time. Now a days PageMaker 7.0 is used in most of the Computers. PageMaker is very useful in the publications of newsletters or magazines. Although we can prepare long books also.

Benefits of PageMaker

In PageMaker we can keep pictures, art, cartoons, graphs, maps, texts and other informations in one file. You don’t need any other file to store things. Only in the file with expansion part .PM6 or .P65, can store all the things. If the book is of 1000 pages, then it is impossible to keep it in a same book. Therefore it is distributed and kept in a separate file. Although it has the facility of Publishing the different parts together in a proper way.

In Pagemaker all type of things handle as a picture. So that we can keep any materials anywhere or can accordingly rotate or flip it. Basically PageMaker uses the technique that a newsletter is prepared with the help of the traditional systems. But only that content will be printed that comes under the printing frame.

In PageMaker we can maintain the uniformity of the Publishing Styles. We can view a document in many sizes.It provides the facility to measure lengths and distances in many measurement systems. We can edit or establish the the text according to our will.

All the works on the PageMaker done with the help of the menus. Their mode of operation is very similar to the Windows. PageMaker is easy to understand.