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MS Word Home-Tab (Clipboard and Font Keys)

Here we take view of The Clipboard Keys and Font Keys in Home Tab of MS Word. There are many buttons in the Clipboard and Font Keys.

Clipboard Keys

Paste Button: Paste Button in MS Word is used to Paste the Copied Or Cut texts. It follows the copy or cut operations. To use this Option; just select the Text. Copy or Cut it. Than click on the Paste. The previous selected text Pasted on your screen. We can paste the Selected text in other documents also.

Cut Button: We can Cut the selected text from our Document. This command also helps to Paste the selected Text. To use this option; Just select the Text. Than click on the Cut.

Copy Button: With the Help of Copy we Can Copy the selected text. We can further paste the copied text. To use this Option; Just select the texts. Click on the Copy. This helps you to further paste your text if you want.

Format Painter: The Format Painter helps to Copy the format of the Selected text and Paste it to the Other Text. To use this feature; Just select the text whose Format you want to Copy. Now the cursor turned into the brush of your Format Painter. Now select that text in which you want to paste that Format.

Font Keys in MS Word

Font Buttons: MS Word provides you the various type of Alphabet Styles To make your Document more Representative or Attractive. In Printing Language these types of Alphabet Styles are called Fonts. To use different Fonts; Select the Texts. Go to Font Button. And select the desired font.

Font Size Button: We can change the Font Size of our text with the help of this Button. We can decrease or increase the Size of the selected Texts. To use this Option; Select the desired text. Go to Font Size Button. And select the suitable Font Size.

Bold Button: We can make some selected text bolder than other, to highlight that specific text. To use this option; Just select the required texts. And click on the Bold Button.

Italic Button: We can give the Italic style to some selected text, just to highlight them differently. To use this Option; Select the required text. And click on the Italic Button.

Underline Button: We can underline some Words just to highlight them differently, or to mark them Important. To use this Option; Just select the Text. and then click on Underline.

Strikethrough Button: Sometime while writing something in our notebook we did some mistakes. We just cut that word and move on. Same thing we can do in MS Word also. If some word typed wrong. In place of replacing it we can Strikethrough it, to show that Mistake. {For Exmple: Softlne Softline}. To use this Option; Just select the Word. And click on the Strikethrough.

Change Case Button: We can Change the Cases of the Texts. To use this Option; First select the text. Go to Change Case. Click on the desired Option i.e. 1.Sentence Case 2.lowercase 3.UPPERCASE 4. Capitalize Each Word 5.tOGGLE cASE

Text Highlight Color Button: We can Highlight some of the Important texts or Words with different colors. To use this Option; Select the Text. Click on the Text Highlight Color Button. Ant then select the Color you want to highlight the Text.

Font Color Button: We can change the font of our selected text. To use this Option; Select the Texts. Click on the Font Color button. And then choose the suitable Color.

Clear Formatting: We can clear all the Formatting (Such as: bold, italic, underline, alignment, Font, Font Size, Highlight etc.) of text. The text will display on screen as a normal text. To use this Option; Select the Texts. And click on the Clear Formatting.