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Database in Excel

MS Excel is basically a Spreadsheet. And it is better to use it as a spreadsheet. But We can take benefits of different activities for some time by creating the Databases. It is possible in Excel because it is divided into Rows and Column. We can assume any Row a record and any Column a field and can create a Database.

There are many conditions included in the Database. For Example:
-No. of records should be limited
-The Height of Column should not more than 245 etc.

Therefore we can’t use MS Excel to make all types of databases. For this we can use MS-Access or FoxPro. We can make normal databases in Excel .

What is Database in MS Excel?

In easy Word, Database is an Organized Collection of Data, from where we can collect any information easily. Telephone Directory is the best example of a Database. In each row there are three informations- Name, Telephone No. and Address. In the Database terminology each row called Record. Informations in each Record is called Data Field or Field. In each field there is a particular name, from which it is identified. There is a fixed place in database for every record. In this way there are three fields and thousands of records in the database of the Telephone Directory.

Databases are of many types but its easiest and popular figure is in the form of Tables. In each of these tables there are fixed fields. And all the fields in a record id filled, either we have to fill zero or spaces in blank places.

Some of the Keywords used in the Excel Databases:-

1. Databases Range: Range/Area in the Worksheet where we create database or where we fill the data, is known as Database Range.
2. Record: In Excel each row of the Database Range is called Record.
3. Field: In MS Excel each column of the Database is known as Field. Each single cell is also called Field. We can fill text, date, numbers, functions and formulae in fields. when we fill any function and formula in any field then it is called Computed Field. For Example: If you have created any field named Total pay and another field named deduction. Then you can create the third field named Net Pay.

Creating a Database

While creating Database we have to create different fields for each items and informations. If you want to assort the records on the bases of First Name and Surname. Then these two fields should be different, only name field is inappropriate. The easiest way to make the Database is to fill the name of the each field in a Row. Then enter the data. We can fix the column width before or we can fix it later.