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Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Despite the challenges faced by electronic media in this era of Internet, the importance of printed materials is never get fade. Books and Newspaper are still a prime source of Communication. The process to print a message or material on paper to reach a large scale of people, is called publishing. The main aim of Publishing is to reach the information to the large number of people in the small number of time.

It is surprising that a few decades before the first printing machine was installed in the 15th century, a lot of work has changed in the publishing system. In Traditional System Writer writes. Editor Edits. Composer composites it with letter by letter. Proof Reader checks it. And finally Printing Machine prints it. In this way it travels from a long process, from writer’s hands to readers. And sometime it loses its importance.

Basically the Publishers always looking for the systems, in which they have to spent less, and it must be less time consuming. Luckily “Computers” complete that need of the Publishers. Now they can prepare the print from their desks. Now they can make newsletters, reports, charts, invitation letters, introduction journal etc. easily. And they can print the print them with the help of Printers in seconds. This system of publishing is called Desktop Publishing.

What is DTP ?

In short Desktop Publishing is the process printing the document from your desk. Or the process of printing the document with the help of the equipment present on your desk. Its practical function is to- perform publishing by the computer and its associated devices. In other words in this system. In this system, everything from composing text, making pictures etc. to placing them on different pages, that is, is done in the computer placed on their table. And finally, such a master copy is prepared by printing on a laser printer, which you can land directly on paper from any printing method. You can print as many copies as you want. In brief, Printing the documents with the help of the Desktop Computer is known as the Desktop Publishing. For this many programs are available , with the help of those, you can bind the informations and can make a Document.

Not only in the field of Commercial Publication, DTP is also a great achievement for the Office Automation. All small and big companies publish many types of material about their work like posters, advertisements, pamphlets, balance sheets, progress journals, booklets etc. every year.

Basically for the Desktop Publishing we need three things. First Personal Computer, second Laser Printer and third The Software of DTP. the personal computer must have the Capable RAM, Hard disk and Mouse. For better printing facility the Laser Printer is important.

The basic concept of the desktop Publishing is very simple. With the help of the Word processors you can prepare texts. Graphic Program, helps you to create graphics. With the help of the Scanner we can fill pictures in the Computer. And with the help of the Photo Editing Program we edit it. And in the end with the help of the DTP Software it will format and it will established on the different surfaces. If necessary we can add footnotes, references, Index etc. and can complete the final document.

Difference between the Word Processing and the DTP

Although DTP is also a Word Processing. And Word Processor can also make small presentations. But the basic difference between the DTP and the Word Processors is that: Word Processors is basically focused on the Text Documents. They have less graphics. Whereas DTP is focused on preparing Page Layouts and have more graphics facility. In present there are many Word Processors, where you can make long documents. These Word Processing Programs are giving cut-throat competition to DTP Software. Then also the DTP Software is the first preference for the publication and the Word Processors are used as a helping hands.

Desktop Publishing

Steps of Desktop Publishing

Generally there are the following steps in the process of Desktop Publishing :-

Step 1: Creating the Document– With the help of any Word Processor the written document is prepared. In this we can do the typing, check errors, check spelling errors, editing, etc.

Step 2: Creating Illustrations This work has been done through two methods- Make pictures through graphic methods or we can store readymade pictures into our computer with the help of the scanner.

Step 3: Designing the Page In this step you can make the template of each document. You can decide the length, width and the margins of the ends. This is much easier for the DtP Software. Because in DTP we can make different designs in seconds and can select the